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Master the interview and gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

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There are many stages in life where you will encounter an interview. Applying to your first job, university applications, graduate interviews, co-op interviews and career changes. The one thing that remains the same is that the interview is constantly changing and you need to understand what to expect and be prepared to give yourself the advantage.

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect.  Employers and universities have high expectations and their needs and evaluation methods are continually changing.  What kinds of interview questions can you expect?

Master the interview

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Open Ended Questions

The open ended, starter questions can be the hardest. Practice makes perfect.

Work Style Questions

Employers want to get to know your work style, mindset and personality to see if you are a fit.

Situational Questions

Employers want to know how you will behave and react in certain types of situations.


Understand your strengths and market
yourself smarter

Learn how to answer interview questions and build your skills with mock interview questions and multiple interview formats.    Access the most modern career marketing tools to help you stand out.

Shareable video resumes with visual link feature on resume.
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Use our character profiles and competency guidance to learn how to understand and talk about what you have to offer.
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Why do I need to practice?

You have all participated in a video conference before, but have you been invited to a one-way video interview or assessment?  This is the fastest growing  form of video interviewing being adopted by employers. The invitation comes to your email and you respond by a deadline. But you are talking to a webcam, not an interviewer!

Employers create their questions based on the role they are hiring for and will ask a range of soft skill and competency-based questions presented as behavioral questions, situational questions or open ended questions. The questionnaires included in this application are the same questions and delivered on the same interview software used by employers.


Depending on how employers are using video screening and assessment, you may be invited to answer a video assessment questionnaire at the first, second or third stage of an interview process. It's important you are prepared for the kinds of questions that you will be asked, and prepared to answer them effectively on video.  Build your video interviewing skills and excel in your interview process by signing up and trying a wide range of interview questions and formats.

The videoBIO Practice and Recruiter application is being used by Employers and Universities worldwide.

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What customers are saying

videoBIO for Getting Students Prepared

“The best feature of the product is the AI scoring of video interviews. This has saved our office time in grading practice interviews for classes and provides objective and immediate feedback to students. In addition, it combines a module that allows students to create a video introduction.”

University Career Services Department

Employer Co-op interview showcase

“We are using the videoBIO system integrated with our system to train and interview students to prepare for Co-op interviews. Candidates can add a video to their profile to introduce themselves with their resume directly to employers.

University Co-op and Employer Relations

Graduate interviews are all video interviews now!

“I was invited to a video interview by five different employers in the campus recruiting process. Everything is video now with Covid.  I didn't get any training from my University career departmemt for this type of interview so I needed to practice.”

Mohammed, 21

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