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3 tips you need to 

know about video interviews

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Almost all articles and posts available online today on video interviews focus on live video interviews.    They provide tips on how to set yourself up, your background, your eyeline and talk about the technology.   While all of these are important things to know,  most of us are now aware of how to do a zoom call.  We have all used Skype, Microsoft Teams, GotoMeeting and the other video conferencing meeting software out there.


But have you been invited to an on demand video interview, also known as the ‘one-way’ interview?  This is the fastest growing type of video interview and there is still a lot to learn about this interview type.   


Here are three tips to get you started.


1.  Look for the deadline, the number of questions and the length of time you have to respond to each question.


The one-way video interview is sent to you like a questionnaire from the recruiter.  It is called one-way because the recruiter is not there with you. It is not live.  You are given a deadline and are usually told before starting how many questions there are and how long you will need to complete.  So the first thing to look for is when is the deadline and how long you will need to respond. This will help you to plan when you are going to record your responses.    You will want to check for other details like is it a timed flow or more flexible with the opportunity to re-record your answers.  Also look to see if you have the opportunity to preview the questions in advance.  And finally, check to see if the responses are in video or audio format.  It is sometimes the case that they will only require an audio interview or will provide you the option to respond in audio or video.


2.  Look at the instructions regarding the technology and how it accesses your camera


Most interview software vendors now use WebRTC software which allows you to access the interview from any device directly from a web browser. Some of the less advanced interview software still requires you to download an app from the app store.  Frustrating!   So, check this first so you are set up and understand the device you are recording from. Make sure if you are on a mobile device that it is stable and you can turn it to landscape position to maximize your recording width.


3.  Make sure that you have no interruption possibilities like phone calls and shut down all other browsers that may have other video apps running.


If the video interview software uses WebRTC it is activated through your browser.  The good news about that is that it is easily accessible with one click and doesn’t require any downloads.  The bad news is you may have to take the other step to restart your device or shut down all browser tabs or re-open browser fresh before starting.  The reason is that WebRTC can have interactions with other video apps that may be running which would prevent your webcam or device camera from activating if it is already in use by another browser tab.  Generally it is best to use Chrome browser when responding to a video interview request.

Try practicing the one-way video interview with dozens of selectable questionnaire templates.

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