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Diversity check:
How diversity minded is your employer brand?

Diversity is reflected in:

  • Your actions

  • Your decisions

  • Your communications

  • Your mindset

Employers are prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices and their employment culture.   The diversity mindset should permeate your organizational actions, strategies and practices in order to be authentic and translate into measurable outcomes.  This starts with auditing your current diversity culture and putting a plan and practices into action that will help you track and report on your diversity progress.

Work with us to put your diversity recruiting and employment goals into action.

1. Identify and audit
2. Train and learn
3. Recruit and assess
4. Measure and track

Our international team of diversity and inclusion leaders can support your team on one or all  steps in the diversity check model and get you on the path to actualizing a diversity culture.  Our strategy, assessment and training is supported by recruiting and screening software that allows you to access a full suite of employee surveys, hiring assessment and operationalization of a diversity hiring process that will work seamlessly with your existing technology and talent assessment and development workflow.  Want to learn more?
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International experts from Europe, UAE and North America offer training and best practices based on current, real-world scenarios and examples used by leading employers today.

  • Diversity hiring

  • Interview questions and measurement

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Bias free and blind recruiting and interviewing practices

  • Diversity measurement

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