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Over 85% of employers are using video interviewing in their application and screening process. Are your students ready?


Watch our video to learn more about videoBIO Campus for Universities     

Set up your students for success with video interview and assessment training on the same technology currently used by employers.

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Studying Together
videoBIO Campus provides the most comprehensive video practice, interviewing and career development platform on the market.
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  • Self led student video training and lessons

  • Self led student video interview practice in multiple test formats and questionnaire templates

  • Instructor or coach-led interview and questionnaire creation with coach-feedback options

  • Admissions module for adding video interview questionnaires to entry applications

  • Interview and video profile showcases used by Co-op and campus recruiting teams for marketing students to employers

  • Career tools including video resumes, resume assessment and match assessments and video-based employer references and reviews

Watch our video to see how Admissions Teams are streamlining the application process with turnkey video applications and interviews.     

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The Job Skills report published by the World Economic Forum cites a shift in focus to competencies and soft skill evaluation by employers.  Are your students ready to master the interview?

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Employers are embracing new assessment and profiling methods beyond the resume.  Do your students have access to these career tools?

Learn more about how employers are using video interviewing in their hiring process.

Get started with the all-in-one platform used across university departments

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