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Hiring and getting hired.

Candidates need to be prepared in order to present themselves effectively in a virtual process. Curating your digital footprint, create compelling career introduction materials and understanding how to answer questions effectively are all essential skills.  Demonstrating strengths and differentiation, and, how to show emotional intelligence and a diversity mindset will set candidates apart in the job search process.

Employers are looking to use the best methods and strategies to select the right talent while employing a fair and standardized evaluation and selection approach at scale. Employers are increasingly relying on technology to support talent evaluation in a virtual process.

Employers and candidates are invited to learn the latest strategies, practices and techniques to excel in today's digital environment.  Our webinars are presented by industry experts and offer best practices in a range of subjects including:

  • Building the people skill competency

  • Emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity

  • Mastering the digital interview

  • Campus recruiting virtual best practices

  • Candidate practice and preparedness

  • Understanding Q&A and competency-based language

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International experts from Europe, UAE and North America offer training and best practices based on current, real-world scenarios and examples used by leading employers today.

  • Diversity hiring

  • Use of language in Q&A

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Understanding technology and AI

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