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Ace the video interview

Words and Language matter

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What you say has never been more important. Whether you are in a live video interview or responding to a one-way interview, words matter and your use of language matters.   As virtual interviews are becoming commonplace during the Pandemic and beyond, employers are looking for ways to hire virtually and increase efficiency. They are using new video interview software and analytics to support their decision making process.  This means that you are more likely to be invited to a video interview in your career search.

Recruiters are focused on creating a structured and standardized interview format to reduce bias and increase fairness when interviewing.  This means that all recruiters are using the same methods of evaluation and that all candidates are getting the 

same standardized questions and video interview formats.  According to Gartner Research,  86% of employers are now using video interviewing software in their interview process driving the growth in the use of one-way interviews.  This is an efficient method for recruiters to use at first and second screening stages which means that you may see video questions embedded in the application experience or used to replace a phone screen at the second stage.  You may encounter a one-way interview  before you have the opportunity to even speak to a recruiter in a live interview.  This format is convenient for recruiters because it allows them to review interview candidate submissions without having to schedule individual sessions.  

So here are two important things you need to know to prepare to be

successful in the video interview:

1. What you say and the words you choose are important

Employers are using analytics and assessment software to review your use of language.  The common algorithm for language assessment is called natural language understanding.   This type of AI-based assessment is able to identify your use of phrases in the interview response. You receive a higher score if you practice first and use specific and structured language with detail in your interview response.  You need to practice even the most common types of interview questions to ensure you have a polished and prepared answer.  As an example, employers are looking for candidates that embody the following characteristics and can communicate them in the interview: potential, communication skills, leadership, problem solving, adaptive, collaborative, responsive, responsible, accountable, trustworthy, diversity minded, ability to think creatively, ability to think on your feet, and other characteristics.  

2. How you express yourself and your overall demeanour is being evaluated, so have a positive attitude!

Even if recruiters are not watching your video responses they may be listening to them.  And, if they are not listening to them or watching them they are relying on the algorithm to do the evaluation of your language which is why you choice of phrases and your overall expressions matter.  For example, if they are looking for a candidate who is open, adaptable and flexible try using phrases like "I am eager to learn" and "I am comfortable in fast paced, changing environments". Be sure to communicate that you have a positive mindset and a great attitude. 

Try practicing the one-way video interview with

dozens of selectable questionnaire templates.

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